The Documents Needed for Tax Season

tax seasonTax Season opened via the IRS on Jan 17th, and we are ready! Our tax organizers for our current clients have been sent and we are looking forward to serving them again this year. We are currently taking new on new clients as well so let us know if Kelly Kelly & Company can be of service to you.

We plan to blog about helpful hints throughout the tax season. Here is a list of possible tax documentation you will need to be on the look out for in the mail and collect for us:

Income records

Form W-2: wages, salary, and tips
Form 1099-MISC: freelance and/or contract income (more than $600)
Form 1099-G: refund, credit, or offset of state/local taxes, unemployment income
Form W-2G: gambling/lottery winnings
Form K-1: profits from partnerships, trusts, small business
Bank, brokerage statements
Rental income (proof of payments)
Alimony received
Hobby income/prizes/awards

Investment records

Form 1099-B: proceeds on the sale of stocks and/or bonds
Form 1099-DIV: dividend and distribution income
Form 1099-INT: interest income on bonds/treasuries
Form 1099-R: distributions from pensions, profit sharing, IRAs, insurance
Form 1099-SA: health-care reimbursements
Form 1099-SSA: Social Security benefits
Form 2439: undistributed capital gains from mutual funds and/or REITs
Year-end brokerage and mutual fund statements
Security trade confirmations
Nondeductible IRA contributions (use Form 8606)

Deduction records

Form 1098: mortgage interest and points (more than $600)
Form 1098-E: student loan interest (more than $600)
Birth dates and Social Security numbers for all dependents claimed
Alimony paid
Child/dependent care costs (Form W-10, get provider’s TIN and/or EIN)
Charitable contributions (receipt for non-cash or proof of payment for cash donations; written acknowledgement for donations of $250 or more)
Out-of-pocket expenses for charity work (receipts for gas, parking, and tolls, or mileage log)
Records for non-reimbursed job-related expenses (union dues, education, moving expenses)
Rental property expenses (proof of expenses for operating the property)
Receipts for real estate and personal property taxes (if not included in Form 1098)
IRA contributions
Receipts for health-care expenses (if total is greater than 7.5% of your AGI)
Property losses due to casualty or theft (police/insurance documentation; receipts for work)
Gambling losses (written log, receipts, or other proof of wager)
Receipt for last year’s tax prep fees
Receipts for large purchases if deducting state and local general (as opposed to income) taxes
Investment expenses

Credit records

Form 1040-ES: estimated taxes already paid
Form 1098-T: tuition payments used for Hope/Learning credits
Form 1099-INT/DIV: taxes paid on foreign investments
Form 8880: retirement savings contribution credit

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