Identity Theft # 1 on the IRS “Dirty Dozen” List

IRS ID Theft
The IRS compiles a list of the “Dirty Dozen” schemes each year to help tax payers protect themselves. This year, identity Theft is #1 on their list. The IRS processes more than 100 million tax returns each year and the IRS estimates that over 400,000 people fell victim to this scam from mid 2009 to 2011. With the IRS encouraging taxpayers to file electronically there has been growth in the ID theft area. In response, the IRS has added new filters to screen for identity theft and trained 35,000 employees to recognize indicators of ID theft and help those that are affected by the scheme. The IRS provides identity protection tips, these include a reminder that the IRS does not contact taxpayers via email, text or social sites. For more tips on how to protect yourself, click here.

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